WNY Lawn Renovation & Sod Installation

Wish you could make your torn-up, lifeless lawn look like a fresh new lawn again? Allow Fairl Landscaping Inc. to help bring it back to life through our lawn renovation services. From reseeding a lawn that has seen better days to doing a major lawn renovation on a yard that has been completely ripped up, we’ll help turn your dream lawn into reality.

Fairl Landscaping Inc. has been providing new lawn and lawn renovation services in WNY for more than 40 years. In many instances, our work takes us to construction sites where the lawn is needed for a new-build.

Here, our landscaping experts will work to level the land and seed it so that a solid foundation is created for the new lawn to grow. In the event that the homeowner’s timeline calls for speedier action, Fairl Landscaping Inc. can also provide sod installation services to achieve that beautiful, new lawn look quickly and with little necessary maintenance.

The same can also be said for Western New York home and business owners in need of lawn renovation services for an existing yard.

Often times, it is not the entire lawn that needs maintenance but rather a few patches that have suffered damage from the winter weather or a family pet. In these cases, Fairl Landscaping Inc. can provide lawn renovation as needed, reseeding the lawn and offering lawn leveling services where required.

Notably, we offer professional landscape design for your property and we plant trees, shrubs, and other vegetation to improve its visual appeal. We also specialize in adding hardscape features, such as stone retaining walls or an outdoor patio for entertaining.

If you need help reseeding your lawn or want to commission an entire lawn renovation or sod installation project, give Fairl Landscaping Inc. a call at 716-446-1810 today.